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    In the News: Men's Fitness Online The Next Concussion Advocacy Group Comes From Retired Pros: Jim McMahon and Jeremy Roenick start Players Against Concussions...
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    The Trauma Imaging Foundation (TIF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and development of advanced imaging techniques that demonstrate the effects of impact-injury to the head and neck. Our goals are to illustrate the potential complications of these injuries, including the effects of aberrant flow of cerebrospinal fluid, and to promote treatment options through Image Guided Atlas Treatment (IGAT™.) TIF accomplishes this by conducting Upright MRI studies that clearly document the importance of early intervention, prompt treatment in addition to the critical need for trauma education.


Dr. Scott Rosa, DC, B.C.A.O., of Rock Hill, N.Y. established The Trauma Imaging Foundation (TIF) in 2012 as a non-profit foundation. With 14 years of trauma research, Dr. Rosa recognized that injury to the fragile structures comprising the head and neck may not always be visible with conventional imaging technology. If left undetected or untreated, even minor injury can substantially alter quality of life.


Jim McMahon, former quarterback for the Chicago Bears, speaks in Stamford, Connecticut on behalf of the Trauma Imaging Foundation (TIF) and Dr. Scott Rosa’s new Image Guided Atlas Treatment ™ (IGAT™), McMahon suffered three diagnosed concussions while in the NFL, but states that looking back, he knows he had many more that went undetected. He has been diagnosed with early dementia. An upright MRI revealed that McMahon had mal-rotation of C1 & C2, pathological cord distortion, aberrant cerebrospinal flow and significant stasis of cerebrospinal fluid pooling in the frontal lobe of his brain. McMahon says that Dr. Rosa’s TIF research and treatments literally “saved my life.”