Dr. Rosa’s non-invasive Image Guided Atlas Treatment ™ (IGAT™) and his patented (US Pat. No. 8,571,633B2) and patent pending diagnostic imaging method involves the use of new high-precision Dynamic Upright Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DMRI) technology.  This new equipment allows for viewing of the neck in novel ways, including weight bearing and additional positions of the spine.[1]  When used in conjunction with dynamic x-ray imaging the doctor now has a view of the delicate structures of the spine that has never been available until now.  Difficult and often missed diagnoses are clearly and quickly seen allowing for swift, precise, and more cost effective treatment to be given to the patient.

[1] US patents: 7,196,519; 6,677,753; and 6,828,792; which are incorporated herein by reference, have enabled commercial equipment for the acquisition of MRI in other than prone position, such as weight bearing position or any positions 10 of a joint over a range of motion. Such equipment is currently available from Fonar Corporation 110 Marcus Drive, Melville, NY 11747